Sacked by the "downturn", an unemployed architect touring the country in a bus...

I used to live in New York City. I designed homes for the tycoons of Wall Street; Park Avenue, Scarsdale, Greenwich. It was great fun. And, after years of saving up for a down payment, I was just about to buy my own little place in Fleetwood, half an hour north of the city, when the economy fell apart. Architects are like canaries in a coal mine when the economy slows, and true to form, there were massive layoffs in firms all over the country. Devastation of the profession. So, I decided to try to find something else to do for a while. I bought a 23' school bus and I'm on the road to see if I can figure out what that might be.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few pics from the road to Carlsbad Caverns


  1. Roy!
    This is Anna From the Purdue volunteer group that came through Mississippi the same week that you were planning on leaving
    I know I posted anonymously, but I'm honestly too lazy to log into anything right now.
    I found your blog just today and have creepily read through your entire saga rather than work on my final projects and exams.
    I wanted to mention here that I'm particularly excited to see that you went to the Carlsbad Caverns, and even though I completely loathe the desert, these pictures are amazing!
    I'm looking forward to your future blogs, it's been very fun watching your plan unfold!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks so much for finding my blog. It means a lot to get e-mail and comments (it is a bit lonely out here!) I do hope you keep enough time for your finals, I know you will.
    Did you ever get in touch with Susan about not for profits? I am sure she would be happy to hear from you, even just to chat about whatever your direction is now.
    I miss the Katrina place and the volunteers. It was a wonderful experience.
    (Carlsbad was amazing.)