Sacked by the "downturn", an unemployed architect touring the country in a bus...

I used to live in New York City. I designed homes for the tycoons of Wall Street; Park Avenue, Scarsdale, Greenwich. It was great fun. And, after years of saving up for a down payment, I was just about to buy my own little place in Fleetwood, half an hour north of the city, when the economy fell apart. Architects are like canaries in a coal mine when the economy slows, and true to form, there were massive layoffs in firms all over the country. Devastation of the profession. So, I decided to try to find something else to do for a while. I bought a 23' school bus and I'm on the road to see if I can figure out what that might be.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I love Berkely..

I asked a shopmate metalworker, Steven, how I could blacken and tarnish my brass parts.  He said "Why don't you throw them in this bucket? They'll blacken in a few hours."  I'd found on the internet 4 oz bottles for $9 ea. from hobby suppliers, and Steven had a whole Rubbermaid vat of the brew.

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